Friday, 8 December 2017

"How I Accidentally Discovered I'm An Adopted Child" - Actress Joke Silva

Joke Silva-Jacobs gave a vivid account of her experience as an adopted child during her speech at the August occasion of the Annual Conference of Heritage Adoption Support and Advocacy Group (HASAAG) which had the wife of the Vice President, Mrs Dolapo Osinbajo in attendance.

Mrs. Joke Silva-Jacobs, the wife of Olu Jacobs was adopted by the Silva Family although not many people were privy to this information.
According to kemiashefonlovehaven, Joke was living in a foster home of the Red Cross in Yaba, Lagos, and she recalled that her foster parent was Mrs. Desalu.

Joke Silva-Jacobs said that her family had always kept the fact that she was adopted away from her until she accidentally discovered it for herself; “But I got to know years later when I wanted to travel and was looking for my passport where my mum kept it. Since she was not around, I opened the box in her absence and I saw my adoption papers. I never discussed it with my mum because I felt it was something that would hurt her, that was why, it was kept secret from me.”

“I had an incredible big Silva family.
I have a very big family I am the first daughter, I carried the responsibility of a first daughter. Everybody in my family cannot take any decision until sister Joke has come. I can’t call my parents adopted parents. They are my parents.” Joke added

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