Thursday, 7 December 2017

How Blue Ivy Helped Beyonce And Jay Z Save Their Marriage Following The Rapper’s Affair

Just last week Jay Z confirmed everything that we suspected already - that he cheated, and he blamed his infidelity as a result of becoming emotionally detached to everything. 

According to new reports, if it wasn’t for their daughter Blue Ivy, Beyonce and Jay Z may not have been a married couple today! Apparently, it took them no less than two years of therapy to heal, and Blue had a huge role to play in them saving their nine year marriage as well.

Speaking to People, the source explained that Beyoncé found it hard to trust her husband after he stepped out on their marriage but thanks to Blue and falling pregnant with twins helped them work through things and get closer.

Despite the fact that Bey and Jay Z are more in love today than ever, not too long ago they were on the brink of a divorce!

What saved their marriage was, according to a source close to the family, their cute daughter Blue Ivy!

"It looks like the toddler taught the power couple how to trust one another again and even encouraged them to have more kids! Having more babies together made them even closer.” 

"The two are in a better place than they’ve ever been.

In fact, the superstars are proud they overcame huge marital issues and happy they were able to move on as a family."

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