Friday, 22 December 2017

Apple Being Sued For 'Purposefully Slowing Down Older iPhone Models'

Apple has admitted that it intentionally slows down older iPhone models to help preserve battery life in older phones. But now the company is being sued for its admission.

Apple released a statement saying that they have used software to slow down the performance of old iPhones that may cause the lithium-ion battery to degrade over time and turn off completely. However, the company made it clear that they were not slowing down the performance to encourage people to buy a new phone.

According to TMZ, a new class action suit has been filed against the company by Stefan Bogdanovich, an L.A. man and an iPhone 7 user. Bogdanovich said that Apple's slowing down of older iPhone models is not part of an agreement and thinks it is a ploy by Apple to get people to upgrade to new phones.

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