Friday, 20 October 2017

Rachel Oniga Gives Shocking Reason Why She Does Not Party With Her Colleagues

Veteran Nollywood actress, Rachel Oniga, has revealed in an interview with Goldmyne TV, why she doesn’t party with her colleagues. According to her, partying with colleagues invite problems. She said;

“I have no enemies and I have no friends in the industry. Do you always see me in parties or events? I also tell younger actors who are close to me to avoid keeping enemies and friends. Whenever you are at the location of a movie project, give it your best and go to your house. There is no point getting too comfortable with other actors. 

“I don’t party with my colleagues. When you do that always, you are gradually inviting problems for yourself, as people are always looking for opportunities to bring others down. In most cases, they will give you the impression that they are your friends and wish you well, but they will later stab you at the back when you least expected it. I’ve experienced things in my life so I have decided to stay away from some gatherings,” she said.

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