Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Its Witchcraft Not To Pay Nigerian Fashion Designers Same Way Other Entertainers Are Paid - Uche Nnaji

The owner of Ouch clothing, Uche Nnaji is venting his anger about how poorly fashion designers are treated in Nigeria, read his piece below: 

DILEMMA OF Nigerian Fashion Brands & Designers .
 Precisely 6 and 7 years ago after taking part at the New York Fashion week held at the Waldorf Astoria and Africa Fashion week  at the Olympus center respectively, My brand decided to slow down from partaking in FASHION SHOWs .
 If it’s not a CHARITY event where everyone entertaining on STAGE renders their services PRO BONO , then it’s is EVIL and Manipulative to pay an MC | COMMEDIAN | MUSICIAN or ACTOR their professional fees and then ask the Designer or BRAND who painstakingly puts  a collection together and will also entertain your audience (adding VALUE to your event ) To then do their’s for FREE all in the name of giving them EXPOSURE🙄.
No doubt brand EXPOSURE is GOOD, but for heaven’s sake pay and encourage these upcoming designers, they need money to also buy FABRICS, PAY TAILORS, and sort LOGISTICs to be able to make the collection a success without them having to breaking their BACKs and BANKs . but when you give them only the “exposure” without financial support then you are actually doing more harm to these fashion  designers / brands because you giving them limelight without assisting them build the muscles (CAPACITY ) to sustain the  the FAME (SUPERSTRUCTURE ) .

I am yet to get over the pain of knowing that a  lovely design I saw months ago all over social media credited to WANA SAMBO , or the Ankara PATCH WORK by Ituen Basi’s  or even Toyin Lawani’s Transformer Outfit all have no Report/ Database  of selling 1k-100k units of those  lovely piece,so that these hard working ladies just like their musician counterparts would have smiled to the bank.
One of the things I earnestly PRAY and DESIRE to see as the frenzy of the Fashion Week is in the air in NIGERIA is to see more BUYERS (Local and Foreign) taking FrontRow  seats at these shows. It is high time the Nigerian Fashion Brands & Designers starts reaping the fruits of their labour  the way the Nigerian Movies & Music are doing with 1 million VIEWs and DOWNLOADS , because ultimately be it FASHION -MOVIE or MUSIC its all a game of NUMBERS .🚶🏾🚶🏾🚶

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