Saturday, 21 October 2017

I Wish To Have Big Backside –Actress Adekemi Taofeek

For actress Adekemi Taofeek, if given the chance to alter her physique, she would not hesitate to do so and top on her list is to have a bigger bum, probably as big as her senior colleague’s, Biodun Okeowo, popularly known as Omo Butty.

She told Saturday Beats, “I wish I could somehow increase my height; I’ve always wished I was taller than this. I also want a bigger bum. I want something bigger. I have a flat belly, hips and boobs but my bum and height is something I would like to change about myself. I go to the gym and do squats to make my bum bigger but it cannot be as nice as it would have been if I had a natural big bum. It is coming out little by little but I would like my bum to be as big as Biodun Okeowo’s own. That is what I am talking about. 

My boyfriend loves me the way I am though and he has never complained about my body. I just personally want a bigger backside. When I tell him that anytime I travel out of the country, I would go for a bum surgery, he just asks me why I like to disturb myself because he feels I am perfect the way I am. I would love to be slimmer as well but he does not want that. I would love to be a size eight but my boyfriend said he would love me to be a size 10 or 12.”

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