Thursday, 7 September 2017

Transgender Woman Vows To Sell Her Virginity, To Pay For Her £30k Sex Change Operation

A transgender woman has vowed to sell her "virginity" to the highest bidder - if they pay for her sex change operation. Lila Rose is hoping to raise £15,000 to pay for her surgery and has promised potential suitors "the sex will be mindblowing".

The 25-year-old vlogger, from Shepherd's Bush, West London, has been transitioning into a woman for a year now and has been taking hormones.

Her boobs have grown to a 34C but the brunette wants to be even bustier- and is looking for a further £15,000 to pay for a boob job and a larger bum. Lila, originally from France, said: "I have decided to put my virginity on sale to pay for my surgery.

I will be a brand new and fresh woman and am willing to sell myself to the highest bidder. Whoever wins will pay for my surgery and then have sex with me after. I hope it will be good sex - it'll certainly be interesting.

The surgery is the last thing left and I can't afford to do it by myself." Lila always knew she wanted to be a woman but growing up in a strict Muslim household, she was forced to live in a body she hated.

It was only when she moved to London three years ago that Lila began experimenting with women's clothing and started wearing make up. She began taking hormones a year ago after changing her name and was thrilled when her breasts started to develop and her voice became higher.

Now she is just waiting to have a sex change operation to fully complete her transition and is looking into advertising her virginity on specialist websites.
Lila has bedded men before but believes she will be "fresh" once she has her surgery.

And she has a message for any potential male bidders: "I am very pretty with babydoll looks. I'm very feminine and just want money to pay for my surgery. No one realises how hard it is to do this and it's more money than I'll ever afford.

If you bid on me and win, I will be a virgin and you get to take it from me. It will be mindblowing. I'm here for you, guys." 

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