Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Being Banned Has Opened Alot Of Doors For Me - Kannywood Actress Rahama Sadau

It's been almost one year since talented actress, Rahama Sadau was banned from the Kannywood film industry after she shared a hug with Jos-based pop singer Classiq in a Hausa music video. The ban catapulted her into the limelight and she has since then featured in several Nollywood films including a yet unreleased movie The Accidental Spy, with Ramsey Nouah.

Speaking with The Guardian Life, the Kaduna- born actress opened up about growing up,  her Kannywood experience, rejecting roles and her transition into Nollywood. Excerpt from the interview below: .

*Tell us about your Kannywood experience

I started acting in the year 2013. So far it has been great and it was my starting point. I am really grateful for it, I am thankful for what it has made me become today. I have lived in Kaduna all my life. Whenever I travel to any other state it’s for work. *You were banned from Kannywood, how did it affect your career at the time?

Well, it’s a stepping stone, I am grateful because it has opened a lot of doors because a lot of people didn’t know me until the ban happened. It’s not something good but I think it was just meant to be.

 *Do you feel that you did something wrong or deserved to be banned?

No, I can’t just touch someone and then they say I did something wrong. I think your religion and faith is between you and God. I grew up as a northern lady, I know my limitations and I know what I can do as a northerner and a Muslim. What I did should be at the liberty of the artist who shouldn’t be banned. *Did you ever find yourself turning down a script because of certain things you couldn’t do?

Yes I have my limitations like I said, there are certain things I wouldn’t do because of where I come from and the religion I stand for. If I show that I am ignorant of things, I have family and I know what the people in the north are capable of, that’s why I am being careful. 

*How has your transition to Nollwood been so far?

Before the ban I had featured in many Nollywood films like The Light Will Come, and Sons of the Caliphate. There hasn’t been much difference working in Nollywood.

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