Sunday, 13 August 2017

Anambra Church Killings: Police Arrest Three Wealthy Suspects

Three suspects linked to the Anambra church killings have been arrested.

It was reported that a gunman went into St Philip’s Catholic Church, Ozubulu, Anambra State, opening fire,  killing and injuring worshippers.

According to The Nation, the suspects are said to be very wealthy but with no known source of income.

Police spokesman, Moshood Jimoh, who confirmed the arrest, however, declined to reveal the identities of the suspects.

Jimoh said the Police will not use the term ‘high-profile’ because they had violated the law and would, therefore, face it.

“The arrested suspects have no identifiable means of income and they completely have no explanation as to their means of livelihood,” Jimoh said.

“No doubt, when people do things relating to the offence of drug-running, they do not have a recognized means of livelihood.

“I would not want to say that they are ‘big men’ because anybody can claim to be big but once you commit a crime, even if people in the society say you are a big man, it is the duty of the police to hold you and take you before the law. The process is not a respecter of anyone’s social standing.

“They are leading us further in our investigation into the crime. What happened was a vicious and condemnable act in a place of worship. It is criminal and reprehensible to go and attack worshippers and kill people, no matter what issue prompted any feud.

“All the perpetrators of such crimes would definitely be arrested and prosecuted. I want to assure Nigerians that whether they are in Nigeria or any other country, the Nigeria police and Interpol will get them anywhere they are.

“We will get anybody who had a hand in committing this offence; anyone who participated in any way and anyone who gives custody to the perpetrator or hides him has flouted the law. Such a person would be culpable.

“The process of the law would be firmly followed without compromise towards ensuring that we bring the criminals behind the Ozubulu incident to justice.”

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