Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Amber Rose Speaks On Rob And Chyna's Ugly Split

Amber Rose has broken her silence about the ugly revenge porn situation between Rob and Chyna, which she called "some sucker ass shit.". Speaking to Complex's Everyday Struggle talk show, she said;

"They both wanted to have Dream, it wasn't a mistake," she said of their relationship. "Chyna was with Rob, she had a baby with him, they both wanted Dream, a beautiful baby. Shit didn't work out and she opted to leave. She did not want to be in that situation anymore, and that made people uncomfortable."

"Rob should have been a mature adult and had a conversation with Chyna and been like, 'You know what Chyna, I'm very frustrated, I feel like you used me,'" she went on. "And she could have then said, 'You know what? I didn't, I actually cared about you, but I'm not trying to be in this situation with you anymore.'"

"He didn't have to go on the internet and be petty, and now he's dealing with revenge porn," she said. "You can't do shit like that. It's time to grow up and handle your business properly. You have a kid that's going to forever see that shit."

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