Sunday, 23 July 2017

70% Of Nigerian Celebrities Depend On Drugs For Creativity -- Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi believes that most Nigerian singers are not doing too well cause of their drug addiction.

Nigerian comedian, Okey Bakassi has revealed that the manner Nigerian musicians abuse drugs is alarming. He stated this in an interview with Emma Ugolee on The Gist programme.

African China and Sound Sultan were present during the programme and contributed.

According to him, most of the Nigerian celebrities are into drugs and abuse it just to feel they belong and others to boost their creativity.

He said: “Conservatively 70% of Nigerian Celebrities are on some sort of substance today. They have gone ballistic. You hear a lot of names- SK, Kush, Loud, etc. the names come everyday and you’re struggling to keep up with the nomenclature of it.”

However, He admitted that he also indulged in the act when he was younger, and noted that entertainers often take drugs to boost their creativity.

He said: “I did some of it too. Creativity is part of it. [It enhances creativity] in the short term,”

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