Monday, 19 June 2017

Bill Clinton’s Alleged Illegitimate Son Danney Williams Blast Him In Father's Day Post

Danney Williams, the alleged son of the former President of the United States Bill Clinton took to his social media yesterday to call him out in a  happy Father’s Day message.

He posted joined picture of himself and the the ex President, in a bid to show their resemblance.

Williams surfaced on social media years ago to make the astonishing claims of how his mother, a former prostitute, had sex with Clinton when she was working on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas. Williams added that he often received seven $100 bills each month – a gift allegedly from Clinton. But it all stopped when Bill Clinton became president.

Now, Danney Williams who has 5 children of his own, continues to troll the former president, demanding acknowledgment, but the former president has yet to address the claims.

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